Funnel Builder

George Mînzat

“Building a Business Without a Funnel is Like

Building a House Without a Foundation”

Do Any of These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • Trying to launch a sales funnel but feeling held back due to not knowing much about design, tech, or coding?
  • Overwhelmed with a pile of tasks and needing help to get the sales funnel running smoothly?
  • Even though the sales funnel is up, it’s not converting visitors into buyers the way you hoped.
  • Wanting to expand the sales funnel and looking for the right people to team up with?
  • The sales funnel you have now isn’t working at its best, causing missed chances and wasted efforts.
  • Wanting to set up an automated sales system but unsure about fitting it into the current funnel?
  • Been on the hunt for someone to help perfect the sales funnel but haven’t found what you’re looking for yet?

I’m All About Designing Eye-Catching, Effective Sales Funnels

So many people struggle with making their online pages interesting enough to turn visitors into buyers, missing out on earning more.

It’s tough when potential customers choose others because the first page they land on isn’t engaging, and competitors benefit from those missed opportunities.

That’s where I come in.

From the first idea to the finished sales funnel, even down to writing emails that people want to read, I’m dedicated to turning your business dream into real success.

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Each design aims to be visually pleasing while also being functional.

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